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Custom Home Built By Steve Watson 

A House-Building Experience with Steve Watson Custom Homes

We had always heard that building a house could be very stressful, so when we first began our house-building adventure, we were a bit leery.  However, when we met Steve Watson, our views were changed.  Steve was so knowledgeable, helpful, calm and great at what he was doing, that building our house became easy and fun.  Steve walked us through every step of the process, from meeting with the architect and helping us design a beautiful and practical house, to showing us other homes that he had built, to helping us decide the best place to position our circular driveway.  The Watson family even invited us into their house to help us get ideas for our new home and introduced new things we had never thought of.

One of Steve’s best qualities is his disposition, one that is perfect for a house builder.  He was laid-back, patient, and sincere.  Steve’s main goal was to make sure that we were happy with everything.  He was extremely thorough, and quick to respond to any concern that we might have had.  He was able to make the building of our house stress-free.

The crews that Steve used were wonderful too.  They worked quickly, efficiently, and professionally.  Our new neighbors often complimented our builder and his crews throughout the construction of our new house on how quickly the process was going, how neatly the lot was being maintained, and how considerate Steve and his workers were to others in the neighborhood.

We moved into our house about 5 months after Steve began construction and we have been thrilled with the product that he constructed for us. Even after the completion of the house, Steve has been quick to respond to any questions we have had.  We feel that we chose the perfect builder for our needs and that we have made a new friend in the process.  We have recommended Steve Watson Custom Homes to all of our friends and to anyone looking to build a new home.  We would be happy to answer any questions from future customers of Steve’s.

Our experience with Steve Watson Custom Homes was WONDERFUL!

Sincerely, The Warnock Family


Steve has incredible service after closing, and the quality of our home is exceptional.  It is my pleasure to recommend Steve Watson Custom Homes.  – Todd Willet

The home you built for us is truly a custom home.  The amenities and special features in our home have definitely enhanced the enjoyment we have in sharing our home with family and friends.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the finished product.

At the beginning of our search for a home in the Argyle area, we became discouraged that we may not be able to afford a home in the much desired Argyle school
district.  Although we were
on a budget, Steve showed us how we could build the home of our dreams in a price range we could afford.
Thanks for everything you’ve done, Steve.—T.W.

Our home building experience with Steve was tremendous compared to other home building experiences we have had.  Steve kept us up to date in reference to status and timing on all aspects of the job.  It seemed that Steve was always ahead of schedule on our project and this helped in anticipating the final product.  Our home is fabulous, and all visitors we have had in our home love it as well.  Many say that a home building experience has to be stressful and challenging—we experienced neither of these with Steve.

Matter of fact, it was really quite enjoyable.
– D.C. and K.C


Client/Builder Relationship

We felt completely comfortable with Steve in that he truly listened to what we wanted and helped us determine the best way to meet our needs given the budget we had to work with.  Also, Steve did a great job of insuring that all sub-
contractors delivered a product that met his and our standards for quality.


The Final

Steve's attention to detail was the difference that made the difference in building a home perfectly suited to our family's unique needs.  He considered the small but very, very convenient things that made our home special.
-A.S. & G.S.